Our Approach

Our Approach

We develop projects to yield healthy financial returns and a positive impact, including on such topics as environmental, social and government revenue support. We view project development as an opportunity to improve the livelihood of communities affected by the project development. Clean Energy Group follows IFC’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability where appropriate and seeks to be a leading player in the sphere of Corporate Social Responsibility.

For the global community, clean energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming, which is an important undertaking, as outlined in the ratified Paris Agreement.

At a national level, hydropower projects in particular may represent a significant source of foreign direct investment, which improves the balance of payments and tax income for the federal governments, as well as providing greater flexibility in the energy system.

Locally, renewable energy projects create jobs, community revitalization and tax income and may offer improved grid stability and ensure a more stable electricity supply.  Other positive impacts may come through livelihood improvement and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

It is Clean Energy Group’s intention that implemented projects should leave affected stakeholders better off, according to objective and measurable criteria.